11-1FaheyWho Cares: The Mental Health of Older Adults Serving as Caregivers63201073
11-2AnderssonInformal Care in the Context of Multimorbidity: Recipient Psychological Well-Being and Gender Differences in Care Networks72041073
11-3RyanThe Impact of Demographic Change on Transfers in the Form of Caregiving and on the Associated Well-Being78231073
11-4Garcia RomanUnpacking the Black-Box: Eldercare, Time Constraints, and Subjective Well-Being79161073
22-1LukeCommunity Effects and Child Sex Ratios in India53151381
22-2JonesImproving Risk Coping with Personal Savings: Implications for Sexual Behavior in Kenya73251381
22-3SchnabelNon-Religion and Fertility Worldwide: Considering Contextual Effects74201381
22-4AfulaniExplaining Disparities in Use of Skilled Birth Attendants in Developing Countries: A New Conceptual Framework16561381
44-1CunninghamThe Language of the Unheard: Legal Services and the 1960s Race Riots29201117
44-2AndersonTrends in Voting Patterns by Age Group in South Africa 2003-201345741117
44-3HermanYouth Bulges and Typologies of Social Conflict in Africa50231117
44-4LopezInterior Immigration Enforcement and the Political Engagement of Youth with Likely Unauthorized Parents 70131117
55-1ReichmanElective Deliveries and Health at the Starting Gate14771364
55-2GaydoshChildhood Family Instability and Adult Health18251364
55-3JamesSleep Duration, Behavior Problems, and Children's Telomere Length74471364
55-4SkalameraBreastfeeding, Overweight Status, and Inflammation61051364
66-1LiEducation Gains Attributable to Fertility Decline Among Girls and Boys from Latin America and Asia54781115
66-2MarteletoThe Educational Consequences of Adolescent Childbearing and Union Formation in Brazil70121115
66-3LiAssociation Between Young Females' Contraceptive Use and School Dropout Behavior: Insights from 15 Demographic and Health Surveys in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia75881115
77-1LazukaLong-term health outcomes of treatment by qualified midwifery at birth: southern Sweden 1881-201147371321
77-2BarclayThe Widowhood Effect in Polygamous Marriages: Evidence from the Utah Population Database48181321
77-3YuSpatiotemporal Patterns of Influenza-Associated Mortality in Japan, 1918-1920: Implications for Flu Propagation50931321
77-4CalviLong-Term Effects of Access to Health Care: Medical Missions in Colonial India77241321
88-1CilliersThe Fertile Frontier: Differential Fertility in a Settler Colony. 60141015
88-2ShapiroFertility, Ethnicity, and Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo15821015
88-3IslamWorld Record Breaking Fertility Decline in Oman: Exploring the Causes56141015
88-4ReherRevisiting MID-Twentieth Century Fertility Shifts from a Global Perspective 62291015
99-1ParkChanging Times and Places: First Home Leaving Among Late Baby Boomers and Early Millennials during the Transition to Adulthood81241383
99-2YiLeaving the Nest: Departure from the Parental Home in the Transition to Adulthood53041383
99-3ZhangThe Age of Independence, Revisited: The Role of Parents and Geographic Mobility in Interracial Union Formation38251383
99-4MuInternal Migration and Marriage in China: Timing and Choices79481383
1010-1LafortuneWhy Wait? A Century of Education, Marriage Timing and Gender Roles28741036
1010-2RugglesRace Differentials in Marriage, 1960-201330791036
1010-3EsteveThe Expansion of Cohabitation in Mexico, 1930-2010: The Revenge of History?48191036
1010-4Van WinkleFamily Trajectories Across Time and Space58691036
1111-1IchouDiluting or Transmitting Resources? The Academic Effects of Siblings in Immigrant Families32381262
1111-2Mayol-GarciaParental Migration: Family, Migration and Children's Lives in Mexico36231262
1111-3EremenkoCaring for Young Children: How Are Parents of Different Origins Involved?69361262
1111-4KangUnequal Extended Families: Internalizing Behavioral Problems of Children in Complex Extended Households51551262
1212-1FlénonThe Healthy Immigrant Effect: Results of a Meta-Analysis on Self-Rated General Health70231100
1212-2LeopoldDo Immigrants Suffer More from Job Loss? Unemployment and Subjective Well-Being in Germany34011100
1212-3ZsembikHealth Selectivity in Colombian International Migration32841100
1212-4SudhinarasetCross-Border Ties and the Reproductive Health of India's Internal Migrant Women35991100
1313-1MahmudPredicting Adverse Police-Public Interactions26461139
1313-2ChiSmall-Area Population Forecasting: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach27381139
1313-3WinklerGoing Solar & Getting Off the Grid: Population Projections of Solar-Based Grid Defection48401139
1313-4AlkemaRates and Trends in Contraceptive Prevalence, Unmet Need and Demand for Family Planning for 29 States and Union Territories in India: A Subnational Analysis with the Family Planning Estimation Tool62051139
1414-1NawrotzkiMigration as Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change in Mexico: Exploring the Temporal Dimensions34681391
1414-2PonceFrom Macro-Structural Forces to Social Connectedness: Uncovering the Determinants of South-South Migration75401391
1414-3LerchInternal and International Migrations Across the Urban Hierarchy in Albania25151391
1414-4HughesA Migration Systems Approach to Understanding Migrant Social Capital76511391
1515-1AikenAnticipated Emotional Impacts of Unintended Pregnancy: Differences by Relationship Context and Nativity27791027
1515-2CastroPrevalence and Trends in Unintended Childbearing: The Role of Immigration53501027
1515-3RobinsonFertility Intentions and Importance of Motherhood for Subsequent Pregnancy and Birth: Variations by Race/Ethnicity65181027
1515-4Coleman-MinahanThe Joint Influence of Parental Socioeconomic Status and Immigrant Generation on Adolescent Childbearing Among Mexican-Origin Adolescents71271027
1616-1SonejiQuantifying the Contribution of Earlier Detection and Advancements in Treatment on the Gain in Life Expectancy for US Breast Cancer Patients Since 1975 14641361
1616-2LariscyCigarette Smoking and Cause-Specific Mortality in the United States53251361
1616-3FenelonA Comprehensive Analysis of the Mortality Experience of Hispanic Subgroups in the United States by Region of Origin and Nativity64331361
1616-4FalconerSelf-Rated Health as a Predictor of Mortality: Cross-National Comparison of Canada and the United States60961361
1717-1CookeChild Penalties among Families in the U.S. Labor Market and Workfare State, 1974-201012921103
1717-2WangChildcare, Work-Family Interface and Female Entrepreneurship17011103
1717-3PhelanWelfare Rules, Incentives, and Family Structure35211103
1717-4AmbrosettiPublic Policies and the Family in Italy58871103
1818-1RaiSocioeconomic Disparities in Coverage of Full Immunization Among Children of Adolescent Mothers in India, 1990-200637401061
1818-2SandersBorn Poor? Racial Diversity, Inequality, and the American Pipeline54271061
1818-3JacksonEducational Gaps in Parenting Behavior and Academic Achievement Across Cohorts in the United Kingdom: 1958-200069061061
1818-4HillIncome Dynamics during Childhood: Trends and Implications79551061
1919-1HastingsIncome Inequality and Household Labor27891043
1919-2VillanuevaThe Motherhood Penalty in Latin America: Evidence from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico & Peru79301043
1919-3SmithWages and Job Flexibility in Care Occupations: Perquisites or Tradeoffs?51871043
1919-4KeslerWork/Family Policies and Immigrant Women's Labor Market Participation in Western Europe62531043
2121-1MolinaHelping Children Catch Up: Early Life Shocks and the Progresa Experiment27231060
2121-2ParsonsDesign Flaws: The Effect of the Coverage Gap in Food Assistance Programs on Children's Well-Being52821060
2121-3Schenck-FontaineEffects of Local Job Losses on Child Maltreatment Injuries and Investigations19411060
2121-4WildemanPaternal Incarceration and Children's Risk of Being Charged in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: Evidence from a Danish Policy Shock13401060
2222-1MartikainenThe Changing Contribution of Childhood and Early Adulthood Characteristics on Mortality: A Comparison of Finnish Cohorts Born in 1936-1950 and 1961-197557841084
2222-2VerhulstSecular Mortality Decline, Barker Frailty and Patterns of Cohort Mortality63811084
2222-3HallmanExposure to the 1890 Russian Influenza Pandemic and Mortality from the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic74061084
2222-4HaasEarly Life Influences on Population Differences in Aging-Vector Trajectories of Functional Limitations77211084
2323-1ChenHappiness in the Air: How Does a Dirty Sky Affect Subjective Well-Being?32801072
2323-2WhiteCatching a Cold: The Dynamic Relationship Between Temperature and Health50841072
2323-3PortnykhThe Effect of Weather on Mortality in Russia: What If People Adapt?54041072
2323-4PeetEnvironment and Human Capital: The Effects of Early-Life Exposure to Pollutants in the Philippines62911072
2424-1HernandezFueling Violence Instead of Education? the Effect of Oil Price Booms on Educational Attainment45751332
2424-2ArenasSocial Determinants of School Continuation in Mexico: Evidence Using Panel Data28961332
2424-3ChenSchool Entry Age and Educational Attainment: using the 1986 Compulsory Education Law as natural experiment19021332
2424-4RandellClimate Shocks and Educational Investments in Rural Ethiopia35231332
2525-1KieranHe Said, She Said: Exploring Patterns of Spousal Agreement in Bangladesh and Nepal64861042
2525-2BoertienHave Our Relationships Become More Stable? Investigating Trends in Union Stability and Its Consequences for Theories on Couple Behavior65461042
2525-3CuestaThe Prevalence and Correlates of Multiple-Partner Fertility Among Low-Income Families in Colombia 77641042
2525-4GrantIntergenerational Transmission and Consequences of Divorce in Malawi80321042
2626-1KramerFrom Awareness to Adverse Selection: Cardiovascular disease risks and health insurance decisions72571366
2626-2KumarCumulative Incidence of Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Its Effect on the Persistence of Poverty in India: Evidence from IHDS Household Follow-up Survey 69641366
2626-3SinghDeterminants of Use of Traditional Healing for Minor and Major Morbidities in India: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey25171366
2626-4JeonDeveloping Racial/Ethnic Specific Classification of Obesity for White, Hispanic, and Black Males in the U.S.63491366
2727-1NiemeshResidential Segregation and Infant Health, 1950-199034621085
2727-2AoThe Effect of Municipal Water Filtration on Children's School Enrollment and Employment in American Cities, 1880-192055671085
2727-3KesztenbaumCohort and Period Effects in the Long Run Decline of Mortality, Paris 1817-200063431085
2727-4SmithLongevity, Lineage and Ladders: Adult Mortality Risks from Social Mobility from Childhood to Adulthood -- a Cohort Analysis Based on Linked Historic Census, Genealogical, and Vital Records72731085
2828-1Angotti'You Cannot Believe Your Eyes': Gendered Dimensions of ART Anxiety in Rural Malawi36711029
2828-2DerksenLove in the Time of HIV: Theory and Evidence on Social Stigma and Health Seeking Behavior36131029
2828-3MisindeGender Relations, Sexual Behavior, and Risk of Contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Women in Union in Uganda25071029
2828-4KidmanAre Orphans More Likely to be HIV Positive? Analyses Across 19 Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa 25741029
2929-1BacolodEconomic Assimilation and Skill Acquisition: Evidence from the Occupational Sorting of Childhood Immigrants79421325
2929-2LeeCo-Ethnic Communities and Language Attainment in Canada78411325
2929-3ChiswickLinguistic and Economic Adjustment Among Immigrants in Israel50621325
2929-4SaarelaThe Impact of Cultural Proximity on Naturalization: Results from a Cross-National Study56711325
3030-1CarllSociodemographic Stratification in U.S. Internal Mobility Trends from 1970 to 201124761099
3030-2MyroniukIt Takes a Village to Send a Child: Longitudinal and Multilevel Analyses Estimating the Chance of Temporary and Permanent Migration in Rural South Africa62721099
3030-3MilushevaThe Health Cost of Internal Migration: Measuring the Effect of Visits on Malaria Incidence66731099
3030-4CasselsMigrants as a bridge population for sexually transmitted infections? Short-term mobility and sexual partner concurrency in West Africa76091099
3131-1TongIntimacy Lost or Autonomy Gained? Spousal Migration and Left-Behind Wives’ Subjective Well-Being in Rural China78051272
3131-2WeitzmanThe Effect of Education on Intimate Partner Violence: Compulsory Schooling Laws in Peru as a Natural Experiment16751272
3131-3KilburnWell-Being and Income Poverty: Impacts of an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program Using a Subjective Well-Being Approach42401272
3131-4Perelli-HarrisComparing the Benefits of Cohabitation and Marriage for Health and Happiness in Mid-Life: Is the Relationship Similar Across Countries?63711272
3232-1LundquistDoes a Criminal Past Predict Worker Performance? Evidence from America’s Largest Employer28711112
3232-2AhlburgA Hazard Model of College with Endogenous Waiting36111112
3232-3ManzoniAre All College Degrees Equally Equalizing?44611112
3232-4WimerYoung Adult Poverty in Historical Perspective: The Role of Policy Supports and Early Labor Market Experiences69331112
3333-1UpadhyayInterest in Self-Administration of Subcutaneous Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate in the United States55371307
3333-2MosherTrends and Determinants of IUD Use in the United States, 2002-201267101307
3333-3ThomasHow Important Was Contraceptive Choice in the Choice Project? Reassessing the Impact of Long-Acting Methods on Unintended Pregnancy15351307
3333-4GalloProgestin Contraception Implant and Weight Gain: The Nocebo Effect48231307
3434-1DunnSpatially Non-Stationary Associations Between Childhood Diarrhea and Socio-Economic, Climatic, and Environmental Risk Factors in West Africa: A Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression Approach48331116
3434-2KranjacComprehensive Neighborhood Portraits of Environmental Exposure on Children's Asthma Outcomes 60071116
3434-3SakulsriEstimating Flood Hazard Areas and Households at the Sub-District Level with GIS and PSA72541116
3434-4JochemChanges in Spatial Variation of Arsenic Exposure Risk in Matlab, Bangladesh77611116
3535-1CHAOA Systematic Assessment of National, Regional and Global Levels and Trends in the Sex Ratio at Birth and Identification of Countries with Outlying Levels70701028
3535-2NorlingA New Framework for Measuring Heterogeneity in Childbearing Strategies When Parents Want Sons and Daughters31941028
3535-3PinarWomen's Status and Son Preference in Azerbaijan49481028
3535-4RajanSex Composition and Its Impact on Future Childbearing: A Longitudinal Study from Urban Uttar Pradesh54981028
3636-1MayneFertility Trends and Economic Inequality in the United States, 1984-201469151292
3636-2SchneiderNon-Marital and Teen Fertility and Contraception during the Great Recession27981292
3636-3GarciaRacial and Ethnic Disparities in Desire for Reversal of Sterilization Among U.S. Women53341292
3636-4NovakEugenic Sterilization in California State Homes, 1919-1945: Using Sterilization Records and Census Records to Quantify Ethnic Bias in Sterilization35951292
3737-1MedfordBest Practice Life Expectancy and Extreme Value Theory30111256
3737-2PascariuThe Double-Gap Life Expectancy Forecasting Model47611256
3737-3BohkComplementing the Evaluation Toolkit of Mortality Forecasts with Measures of Lifespan Disparity38431256
3737-4VillavicencioBayesian Inference to Estimate Mortality from Incomplete Historical Data61121256
3838-1Simon ThomasFour Decades of Family Status Changes: Effects on Children’s Educational Attainment21191367
3838-2HarknessThe Rise in Lone Mother Families and Children’s Cognitive Development: Evidence from the 1958, 1970 and 2000 British Birth Cohorts61501367
3838-3HubertFemale-Headed Households and Educational Opportunities of Adolescents in Brazil, Chile and Mexico over the Last Three Decades68781367
3838-4LiReexamining Tren70801367
3939-1AkushevichChanging Patterns of Diabetes and Survival in Aging U.S. Population78321130
3939-2Beltrán-SánchezDiscrete Barker Frailty and Warped Older Age Mortality Dynamics44281130
3939-3HaoUnderstanding Cumulative Causation Using Agent-Based Modeling of Migrant Networks62081130
3939-4MerchantToward a More "Useful" Model: Population Projection, 1920-195579701130
4141-1PongiglioneDisability and All-Cause Mortality in the Older Population: Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing24481128
4141-2SaikiaGender Differentials in Self-Rated Health and Self-Reported Disability Among Adults in India48641128
4141-3ZajacovaTrends in US Women's Physical Functioning by Education Level, 1997-201477741128
41P4-54ZhangFactors Affecting Physical and Mental Health of Older Adults in China: How Important Is Marital Status for Elderly Well-Being?64561128
4242-1McCaddenMenstruation, Family Planning, “Fearing Cows” and Fearing Men: How Gender Norms Influence Family Planning Uptake Among the Karamojong in Uganda 42931289
4242-2AgadjanianPower, Preference, and Prejudice: Male Labor Migration and Fertility Regulation in Rural Armenia 71831289
4242-3Woods“Away from Their Wives”: Migration, Masculinity, and the Gendered Dynamics of HIV Risk in Mexico75491289
4242-4Hirsch‘I Needed to be Loved like That’: Sexual Projects and the Social Organization of Sexuality for Married Women in Rural Mexico61001289
4343-1Vela PeónEpidemiological Transition and Child Mortality in the World79281083
4343-2MartinsonDisadvantage and Health Over the Lifecourse20341083
4343-3WarrenEarly-Life Predictors of Adult Suicide55331083
4343-4JohnsonSense of Control and Physiological Dysregulation in Middle Age: Evidence of Moderation by SES64471083
4444-1MasseyIntergenerational Occupational Mobility in the U.S., 1850-201324731041
4444-2DawEducation in 3G: Heterogeneity of Multi-Intergenerational Educational Mobility45951041
4444-3MareShared Lifetimes, Multigenerational Exposure, and Educational Attainment54991041
4444-4KyeIntergenerational Status Mobility in Pre-Industrial Korea: Evidence from the Seoul Household Registers Between 1897 and 190665421041
4545-1BudigCohort Differences and the Marriage Premium: Emergence of Gender-Neutral Household Specialization Effects 35681051
4545-2SchneiderInequality of Economic Precarity and Uncertainty and Family Formation and Instability40531051
4545-3Holland“Does Marriage Matter?” Revisited: The Fertility, Mortality and Stability of the Swedish 1989 Marriage Boom Cohort63001051
4545-4MusickCross-National Comparisons of Union Stability in Cohabiting and Married Families with Children71151051
4646-1BongaartsAfrica's Unique Fertility Transition43091016
4646-2OddenTrends in Reproductive Careers over Demographic Transition, 1965-201079721016
4646-3GebreselassieEducation and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa: What Do We Really Know?16281016
4646-4BillariPolitical Islam, Marriage, and Fertility: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Turkey42181016
4747-1ZentenoThe New Era of Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Post 2006 Experience and the Collapse of Undocumented Migration68561097
4747-2Gutierrez-VazquezChanges in the Composition and Labor Market Incorporation of Return Mexican Migrants Between 2000 and 201068911097
4747-3PederziniImmigration from the Northern Triangle of Central America: A Comparison of Mexico and the U.S. As Destinations70421097
4747-4AsadMexico-U.S. Migration and Legal Status: The Social Context of Indigenousness21061097
4848-1CunninghamAccess Matters: The Importance of Urban and Rural Patterns in Access on Contraceptive Demand and Injectable Use in Malawi30561017
4848-2KusunokiToo Much of a Hassle? The Evolution of Birth Control Attitudes in Young Adulthood74491017
4848-3SundaramNew Estimates of Contraceptive Failure for the United States53011017
4949-1ChenPeer Influence on Obesity-Related Health Risk Behaviors and Body Mass Index: A Natural Experiment of Randomly-Assigned College Roommates54901335
4949-2AnderssonDesire for Weight Loss, Weight-Related Social Contact, and Body Mass Outcomes70631335
4949-3FletcherGender-Specific Pathways of Peer Influence on Adolescent Suicidal Behaviors61021335
4949-4LawrenceYou Make Me Sick: Peer Network Processes of Adolescents’ Healthy Lifestyles74901335
5050-1BarclayMaternal Age and Under-Five Mortality in Developing Countries: Secular Trends in Development Outweigh the Risks Associated with Reproductive Ageing48051070
5050-2BanghaAssessing Trends of Adult Mortality in Sub Saharan Africa Using In Depth Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems Data71341070
5050-3PayneThe Population-Level Impact of Public-Sector ART Rollout on Adult Health and Mortality in Rural Malawi24531070
5050-4GodwinBayesian Projections of Life Expectancy Accounting for HIV Prevalence for All Countries in the World39711070
5151-1ChungEducational Expansion and Social Mobility in Korea71191114
5151-2EspinozaThe Economic Returns to Higher Education: Funding, coverage and quality in Latin America71441114
5151-3GrodskyComing in to Focus: Education and Stratification at Midlife73811114
5151-4BoskyGendered Returns to Sub-Baccalaureate Credentials in the New Economy74021114
5252-1BischoffDemographic Divergence, School Choice, and the Changing Relationship Between Neighborhoods and Schools50571338
5252-2WodtkeNeighborhoods, Schools, and Academic Achievement: A Causal Mediation Analysis of Contextual Effects on Reading and Mathematics Abilities during Adolescence42811338
5252-3Burdick-WillNeighborhood Violence, Peer-Effects, and Academic Achievement14651338
5252-4LegewieDisruptive Change: Student Mobility and the Influence of Neighborhoods, Schools and Peers on Educational Achievement33701338
5353-1ZuccottiNeighborhood Change and Ethnic Inequalities: A Test of the Spatial Assimilation Theory in England and Wales73931267
5353-2JarvisKinship Effects on Residential Mobility and Ethnic Segregation in Sweden65541267
5353-3CostaEthnic and Socioeconomic Segregation in Belgium: A Multi-Scalar Approach Using Individualized Neighborhoods47861267
5353-4SinghRecast(e)ing Inequality: Residential Segregation by Caste Across City Size and over Time in Urban India81441267
5454-1BishaiGreen Pastures: Do US Real Estate Prices Respond to Population Health?71141388
5454-2Margerison-ZilkoResidential Segregation, Political Empowerment, and Preterm Birth18351388
5454-3SkalameraHealth Behaviors and the Transition to Adulthood during the Great Recession61441388
5454-4GromisExplaining the Spatial Clustering of Non-Medical Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements 79881388
5555-1BrowningNeighborhoods, Activity Spaces, and the Span of Adolescent Exposures77231059
5555-2SanchezMothers' Time Allocation in Fragile Families and the Effects on Child's Cognitive Development25031059
5555-3ChaparroSame Program, Different Outcomes: Understanding Differential Effects from Access to Free, High-Quality Early Care86241059
5555-4LeeTrajectories of Children’s Organized and Unorganized Leisure Time and Young Adult Outcomes77171059
5656-1KarrakerBetween- and within-Family Variation in Parental Financial Support to Adult Children Across Three Generations36271293
5656-2FalkinghamFlows of support: Reciprocity between adult children and parents over the life course.61281293
5656-3PfefferIntergenerational Transfers and the Concentration of Wealth within Family Lineages72201293
5656-4XuThe Effect of Family Size on Intergenerational Financial Transfers: Evidence from China's One-Child Policy13841293
5757-1AdamoMigrants in Urban Areas of Developing Countries: Exposure and Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards26681269
5757-2RindfussUrban Heat Islands: Global Variation and Determinants in Hot Desert and Hot Semi-Arid Desert Cities14661269
5757-3EckhardtIs Air Pollution “Obesogenic”? Airborne Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposure Effects on Gestational Weight Gain Among Women in Utah from 2010-201236451269
5757-4BecerraEnvironmental Justice for Whom? A Spatial Analysis of Brownfield Redevelopment and Gentrification in the United States63821269
5858-1VallinHighest Life Expectancies: Which Leader after Japan?17881071
5858-2BarikAdult Mortality in India: The Health-Wealth Nexus40741071
5858-3di LegoMortality Selection Among Adults in Brazil: The Survival Advantage of Air Force Officers60651071
5858-4ChauvelCohort Factors Impinging on Suicide Rates in the United States, 1990-201069501071
5959-1GoodkindThe Population Averted By China's Birth Restrictions, 1970-2060: Estimates, Nightmares, & Reprogrammed Ambitions39811312
5959-2Sánchez GassenProjecting Population Ageing and Population Decline in Europe, 2013-2080: Estimating the Sensitivity and Elasticity of Projection Results47741312
5959-3GerlandDemography Is Not Destiny: Probabilistic Scenarios of Future Fertility Change in Sub-Saharan Africa67241312
5959-4JoeAge Structure Transition and Demographic Dividend in India47141312
6060-1DominguePolygenic Predisposition to Educational Attainment and Characteristics of Individuals and Their Environments: Evidence from the Add Health31581129
6060-2WedowThe Role of the Retirement Environment in Shaping the Genetics of Cognitive Decline65431129
6060-3HamadRacial and Socioeconomic Variation in Genetic Markers of Telomere Length73061129
6060-4LevineThe Molecular Fountain of Youth: Can We Identify a Genetic Signature for Human Healthspan?78761129
6161-1BeaujouanChildlessness Trends in Twentieth-Century Europe: Limited Link to Growing Educational Attainment25421318
6161-2DonnoMicro-Determinants of Women and Men’s Childlessness in Eastern and Western Europe: Commonalities and Differences77441318
6161-3RybinskaFertility Delay and Childlessness in the NLSY-79 Cohort53411318
6161-4BerringtonUnderstanding Childlessness from a Prospective Life Course Perspective: Unrealized Intentions and Subsequent Interpretations of Childlessness49651318
6262-1BradburyLabor Markets, Social Transfers and Child Poverty in Rich Nations57901058
6262-2RaymoCross-National Variation in Children's Poverty by Family Structure73141058
6262-3GrätzComparing Sibling Similarity in Education Within and Between Countries42651058
6262-4Simon ThomasThe Effect of Mother’s Job Loss on Children’s Educational Attainment in the United States and Germany29051058
6363-1BrandénCan the Trailing Spouse Phenomenon Be Explained by Employer Discrimination?60111330
6363-2ZabekPopulation Growth, Decline, and Shocks to Local Labor Markets24751330
6363-3LeePrice Risk and Migration: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia25521330
6363-4KleemansMigration Choice Under Risk and Liquidity Constraints53201330
6464-1LiuNon-Cognitive Skills and the Growing Achievement Gap46151113
6464-2ManiThe Impact of Peers on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Outcomes: Evidence from India50251113
6464-3HaoRural-Urban Migration and Cognitive Skills Among Middle Schoolers in China71311113
6464-4OwensDiagnosing Kids on the Clinical Margins: Relationships Between Early Childhood ADHD Diagnoses, Social Adjustment/Behavioral Course, and Academic Achievement Among Children with Less Severe ADHD-Related Behaviors80851113
6565-1MykytaHousehold Composition and Family Well-Being: Exploring the Relationship Between Doubling Up and Hardship35011039
6565-2KimHousing Voucher Receipt and Housing Instability in the Post-Recession Period43981039
6565-3MillsThe Housing Crisis and Family Formation: The Effects of the Housing Price Crash on Fertility, Marriage, Cohabitation, and Divorce59131039
6565-4MyersIntergenerational Transmission of Homeowner Status: Racial Disparities in Effects of Parental Wealth, Education, and Direct Assistance81341039
6666-1CoburnThe World Bank, Reproductive Health Lending, and Maternal Mortality: A Cross-National Analysis of Sub-Saharan African Nations67331033
6666-2ChoiMeeting Demand for Family Planning: Monitoring Progress in Inequality69741033
6666-3LiBuilding a Coalition to Promote Family Planning through Shared Goals: Assessing the Concordance of Two Initiatives72351033
6666-4LoaizaAccess to Family Planning Services and Its Quality78331033
6767-1Larsen GibbyGendered Intentions and the Proximate Determinants of Fertility in Rural Malawi45881018
6767-2NitscheThe Impact of Early Fertility Desires on Union Formation and Timing54311018
6767-3DuvanderWho Decides about Having Children? Couples’ Childbearing Plans and Actual Childbearing59601018
6767-4StykesCouples' Intentions and Child Well-Being: Investment, Co-Parental Relationship Dynamics, and Mental Health as Mediating Mechanisms74651018
6868-1AssaadThe Impact of Marriage on Women's Employment in the Middle East and North Africa27371300
6868-2GadallaGender Attitudes and Young People’s Life Course Decisions and Outcomes: A Dynamic Relationship44561300
6868-3KadukStep Up or Step Back? The Impact of Non-Employment Duration and Reason on Women's Workforce Reentry54881300
6868-4SimonReturns to Education for Self-Employed US Millennials and the Self-Employment Gender Earnings Gap: A Quantile Regression Approach53991300
6969-1DuqueIntegrating Early Life Shocks and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Colombia72631365
6969-2TurriniHealth Insurance and Child Health: Evidence from Seguro Popular36741365
6969-3BarhamThirty-Five Years Later: Effect of a Health and Family Planning Program on Human Capital in Bangladesh 61691365
6969-4HeadeyThe Nutritional Impacts of Sanitation at Scale: Ethiopia, 2000-201113671365
7070-1LiuAcademic Achievement of Immigrant Minority Youth: The Role of Social Capital and Parenting Styles70741098
7070-2GurakForeign-Born Dispersion to New Destinations: Characteristics of Settlers and Places26031098
7070-3Van LandschootSecond-Generation Women in Endogamous or Exogamous Unions and Their Transition to Second and Higher Order Births in Belgium46881098
7070-4StecklovMeasuring Assimilation of the First Wave of Mexican Immigrants to the United States, 1910-194050561098
7171-1HauschildtIs Beef What’s for Dinner? Exploring and Explaining Intersectional Differences in Dietary Practices Among U.S. Adults26971087
7171-2BauldryMental Health Care Utilization at the Intersection of Nativity and Racial-Ethnic Origins50381087
7171-3Basaran SahinSpatial Analysis of Poverty and Racial/Ethnic Composition in New York City Public Housing68271087
7171-4IrizarrySocial Class and Gender Variation in Black American’s Reports of General and Everyday Discrimination81831087
7272-1WagnerNeighborhood Disadvantage and Telomere Length: Results from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study75741387
7272-2LiNeighborhood Racial Diversity and Metabolic Syndrome: Findings from 2003-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey32651387
7272-3SheehanLong-Term Neighborhood Poverty Trajectories and Obesity50631387
7272-4GoodeCollective Health Lifestyles and Life Course Plasticity in Women’s Smoking77571387
7373-1AhmedStandardized Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (sCPR): A New Indicator Adjusted for Use-Effectiveness and Continuation Rate 81381303
7373-2Pedro RamosMeasuring Inequality in Early Mortality Across All Births: Bayesian Approach with Application to India25751303
7373-3BillingsleyDiagonal Reference Models in Longitudinal Analyses of Fertility and Mortality66951303
7373-4BloomeCovariance Function Regressions for Studying Culture and Inequality53511303
7474-1EngelmanHealth Disparities at Older Ages: How Race, Gender, and Employment History Influence the Development of Functional Limitations18361082
7474-2BorgschulteThe Effect of Executive Service on Life Expectancy: Evidence from US Presidents and Governors53301082
7474-3HarratiCharacterizing Work, Disability and Health in Work-Life and Post-Retirement: A Multi-State Life Table Approach71021082
7474-4ChoiJob Quality and Inequalities in Mental Health: The 'Suicide Epidemic' in South Korea79121082
7575-1LittleSexual Concurrency, Male Circumcision and HIV Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa: Informing Policy for an Effective AIDS Response in the Post-2015 Development Era75911319
7575-2KibiraSexual Risk Behaviors Among Circumcised and Uncircumcised Men before and after Implementation of the Safe Male Circumcision Program in Uganda16521319
7575-3BehlerPlacing Social Networks: Affiliational Networks, Social Context, and HIV Risk45041319
7575-4SullivanPerceived HIV Prevalence Accuracy and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States65911319
7676-1WongThe Case for Interracial Unions? Interracial Relationships and Depression23381273
7676-2TurneyThe Individual and Spillover Consequences of Parental Health Limitations for Parenting40091273
7676-3FloodTime with a Partner: Differences Between Married and Cohabiting Couples65041273
7676-4HolwayParental Incarceration: Influences on Children’s Depressive Symptoms and Binge Drinking during the Transition to Adulthood66171273
7777-1BaumanCollege Completion by Cohort, Age and Gender, 1967 to 201563891301
7777-2RoeperMeasuring College Access and Its Effect on Economic Opportunity74141301
7777-3BragaA Passage to America: University Funding and International Students49611301
7777-4GelbgiserCollege for All, Degrees for Few: For-Profit Colleges and Socioeconomic Differences in Degree Attainment24861301
7878-1ScottHow Do Differences in Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use Contribute to Differences in Conception and Abortion Rates Among Young People in Britain and France?61901019
7878-2TomkinsonFactors Affecting Sexual Debut and Contraception Use Among British and French Teenagers: Findings from the 2009/10 Health Behavior in School-Aged Children (HBSC) Study62931019
7878-3LindbergUnderstanding the Recent Decline in Adolescent Fertility in the United States, 2007-201339101019
7878-4SipsmaPredicting Teenage Birth: A Latent Class Analysis65001019
8080-1SongThe Lasting Impact of Migration: Parental Return Migration and the Educational Trajectories of Children and Youth Left behind78651057
8080-2DavisThe Effects of South-to-South Economic Migration on Children’s Growth in Nicaragua72211057
8080-3HuangMigration, Family Arrangement, and Children’s Health in China24901057
8080-4YeungPsychological and Behavioral Well-Being of Chinese Children, and Variations by Migration Status: Evidence from a Recent National Survey on Migration and Children78751057
8181-1AlbertReexamining State Pre-K Programs: Enrollment and Mothers' Labor Supply19191350
8181-2PilkauskasLow-Income Families and the Public and Private Safety Net34361350
8181-3AugustineLow Income Mother’s Pursuit of Higher Education and Their Children’s Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skill Development38801350
8181-4KimParental Leave and Women’s Employment in Korea78871350
8282-1PearsonPostpartum Insusceptibility to Pregnancy and Modern Contraceptive Use in Nepal and Tanzania76771308
8282-2GurmuContraceptive Discontinuation and Method Choice in Ethiopia72751308
8282-3NorrisAssessment of Barriers and Motivators for Contraceptive Use Among Users and Non-Users80491308
8282-4BearakRationing Contraception: Before and after the Affordable Care Act44551308
8383-1SewellThe Dynamics of Disparities: Race, Wealth, Health, and the Great Recession15341081
8383-2RogersRacial/Ethnic Differences in Early Life Mortality in the United States66671081
8383-3EloThe Contribution of Weight Status to Black-White Differences in Mortality and Life Expectancy71921081
8383-4Saint OngeMultiracial Adults and Self-Rated Health: The Importance of Family and Neighborhood Context79961081
8484-1YuMotherhood Penalties and Living Arrangements in China33171050
8484-2FombyEcological Instability and Children’s Classroom Behavior in Kindergarten43551050
8484-3DaltonMeasuring the Mechanisms of Informal Family Insurance66771050
8484-4WolfDivision of Parental Care Among Siblings72861050
8585-1EmmartMeasure for Measure: Measurement Issues in Empowerment and Its Links to Family Planning73481031
8585-2ShimamotoDoes Empowerment Differently Influence Contraceptive Use and Fertility in Tanzania? Contrasting Mechanisms Using Structural Equation Modeling47101031
8585-3NahrgangHusbands' and Wives' Reports of Women's Decision-Making Autonomy and Their Association with Focused Antenatal Care Utilization: Empirical Evidence from Cambodia16461031
8585-4JohnChild Marriage, Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Health in Ethiopia74081031
8686-1RobertsDid the Mortality Risk of Being Overweight Change in the Twentieth Century? New Evidence from Two Cohorts of New Zealand Men22121069
8686-2ParkerCauses of the Rapid Rise in Obesity and Diabetes in Mexico 53611069
8686-3BanerjeeSituational Analysis of Communicable Versus Non-Communicable Diseases in the Decade 2004-2014: Is the Burden Still Double in India?61751069
8686-4Manne-GoehlerThe Tale of Two Epidemics: HIV/AIDS and Non-Communicable Diseases in Agincourt, South Africa67921069
8787-1ZhangEarly-Life Characteristics, Midlife Socioeconomic Status, and Late-Life Cognition: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study42621127
8787-2CostaAlive Beyond Age 95+: Evidence from Union Army Veterans53071127
8787-3StroupTranslating EARLY Life Socioeconomic Status to Cancer Risk in Adulthood: The Case of Utah Baby Boomers64961127
8787-4TateDietary Composition and Cognitive Functioning and Physical Disability at Advanced Age71331127
8888-1PercheskiFamily Structure and Wealth Inequality Among Families with Children, 1989 - 201338391040
8888-2BehrmanEducational Assortative Mating and Implications for Between and within Household Inequality: Evidence from East Africa 40371040
8888-3DeRoseFamily Instability and the Gender Gap in Latin American Education56401040
8888-4BloomeAfrican-American Marriage, Migration and the Boll Weevil in the US South, 1892-192076131040
8989-1PattenMeasuring Race and the Multiracial Population45461086
8989-2ErvingTheories of Racial Inequality and Health Disparities54591086
8989-3VargasWhiteness Matters for Health: Measuring Racialization Among Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. Using Self-Identified Race, Street Race and Ascribed Race 70891086
8989-4BarringtonIntersectionality and the HIV Continuum of Care Among Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men in North Carolina32021086
9090-1ClarkDecisions to MOVE and Decisions to STAY: Life Course Events and Mobility Outcomes 24811048
9090-2ErmischMigration and Ties to Parents15671048
9090-3HoIt Takes Two: Family and School Relationships Among Immigrant, Native, and Mixed-Nativity Families52741048
9090-4SpringProximity to Kin and Residential Mobility: A Discrete-Choice Approach54851048
9191-1BhattacherjeeDoes a Legal Ban on Sex Selective Abortion Have Any Impact on Fertility and Birth Spacing Decision of Women?21961355
9191-2Das GuptaIs Banning Sex-Selection the Best Approach for Reducing Prenatal Discrimination?17281355
9191-3AnukritiMissing Girls: Ultrasound Access and Excess Female Mortality39441355
9191-4KashyapDoes Prenatal Sex Bias Substitute Postnatal Sex Bias? Decomposing the Fertility and Mortality Effects of Changes in Child Sex Ratios Across the World50871355
9292-1SellersSocio-Environmental Drivers of Forest Change in Rural Uganda35331270
9292-2BilsborrowDrivers of Changing Indigenous Land Use in the Ecuadorian Amazon52551270
9292-3JaggerLand Use and Household Energy Dynamics in Malawi50021270
9292-4BarbieriDeforestation from Below: How Can Farm Household Demographics Explain Long Term Land Use Changes in the Amazon?77891270
9393-1BEDROUNIChallenges to Reap the Demographic Dividend: Case of North African Countries.28321122
9393-2HayesThe Misadventures of a Demographic Concept in a Developing Country58701122
9393-3RenteriaIntroducing Education in the Demographic Dividend: The Case of Mexico and Spain42611122
9393-4SandersonAre We Overly Dependent on Conventional Dependency Ratios?63411122
9494-1GayawanZero-Inflated Random Effects Model with Application to Spatial Distribution of Antenatal Care Utilization in West Africa 16661133
9494-2EatonHIV Epidemic Reconstruction from Demographic Surveillance and General Population HIV Cohort Data Using Bayesian Penalized B-Spline Models64451133
9494-3AlexanderA Flexible Bayesian Model for Estimating Subnational Mortality67211133
9494-4PalloniUncertainty and Mortality Estimates in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Region:1850-201067731133
9595-1HeDriving through the Great Recession: Why Does Motor Vehicle Fatality Decrease When the Economy Slows Down? 19141344
9595-2Margerison-ZilkoEconomic Downturns during Pregnancy and Adverse Birth Outcomes: US 1989-201363871344
9595-3NoymerDeviation from Expected? Race and Life Expectancy in the U.S. during the Great Depression68011344
9595-4BrucknerSpontaneous Pregnancy Loss in Denmark Following Economic Downturns76441344
9696-1Swartz“He’s a Father, He’s 22 but He’s Still a Boy”: Xhosa Male Initiation as Vital Conjuncture in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.33561056
9696-2LantosAssociations Between Community Violence and Sexual Risk-Taking: An Analysis of the Baltimore and Johannesburg Sites of the Wave Study.39251056
9696-3AlhassanAge and gender difference in sexual communication and the timing of sexual debut among adolescents in urban poor Accra: do friends matter above and beyond the influence of parents?73181056
9696-4AhmedImpact of Adolescent’s Skills Building Programs on Child Marriage in Bangladesh78071056
9797-1GleiPredicting Survival: Telomere Length Versus Conventional Predictors26011068
9797-2ZhangPredicting Mortality Among Older US Adults Using Self-Rated Health, Performance-Based Measures, and Biomarkers: Differences by Sociodemographic Characteristics80901068
9797-3LiuIs Sex Good for Your Health? A National Study on Partnered Sexuality and Cardiovascular Risk Among Older Men and Women45561068
9797-4PolosCesarean Section, the Gut Microbiome and Children’s Health: Investigating Causal Linkages70201068
9898-1Pifarré i ArolasA Cohort Perspective of the Effect of Unemployment on Fertility37961297
9898-2StanforsLove in the Time of Recession: Unemployment and the Transition to Parenthood in Sweden 1986-201063421297
9898-3BergsvikSpatial Variations in Family Size and the Neighbor's Role for Transition to Third Birth49961297
9898-4SweeneyReconsidering (In)Equality in the Use of IUDs: The Changing Context of Contraceptive Choice Across the Reproductive Life Cycle75641297
9898-5PörtnerIncome Shocks, Contraceptive Use, and Timing of Fertility63781297
9999-1AshcroftReaching Large Populations with a Family Planning App: Testing Distribution Channels for the Cyclebeads App 39661286
9999-2BoydellFindings from a Retrospective Case Study on the Effect of Social Accountability Initiatives on FP/RH Programs73701286
9999-3JadhavQuality of Care and Female Sterilization: Measuring Informed Consent in 12 Countries38721286
9999-4NandaThe Effect of Exposure to Community Health Workers on Women’s Use of Modern Contraception in Uttar Pradesh, India56131286
100100-1AdseraPolitical and Economic Shocks As Drivers of International Migration80361094
100100-2LauritoDisplacement, Housing Reconstruction and Long-Term Well-Being after the Indian Ocean Tsunami76191094
100100-3RandellThe Impacts of Development-Induced Displacement on Wealth, Inequality, and Subjective Well-Being in the Brazilian Amazon19231094
100100-4AmbrosettiPolicies Implication or Personal Experience? Integration of Refugees in France and Sweden72821094
101101-1CoxEstimating the Prevalence of Infertility in Nigeria: Application of a Current Duration Methodological Approach to Demographic and Health Survey Data 27111020
101101-2SinghContexts of Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Use in India44291020
101101-3Hohmann-MarriottFertility Intentions and Barriers of Women Aged 35-45 without Children in Cross-National Comparison45151020
101101-4FledderjohannWho Seeks Help? Responses to Perceived Difficulties Conceiving in Malawi72611020
102102-1AllendorfConflict and Compatibility? Developmental Idealism and Gendered Differences in Marital Choice and Love14161049
102102-2ThebaudThe Gendered Meaning of Clean: An Experimental Housework Design39371049
102102-3SmithModern Marriage, Masculinity, and Intimate Partner Violence in Nigeria39531049
102102-4IshizukaIntensive Mothering or Intensive Parenting: How Gender Shapes Parenting Attitudes56781049
103103-1van RaalteChanging Sex Differences in Socioeconomic Gradients of Mortality in Wealthy Countries 1970-2010: The Role of Smoking75661397
103103-2JacksonThe Emergence of Gender Differences in Biological Function: An Intragenerational Perspective 43761397
103103-3FalconiPredicting Old Age Life Expectancy with Conditions at Perimenopause: A Test of the Sensitive Periods Model in Adulthood45921397
104104-1TrinitapoliWho Gets Antiretrovirals?: Perceptions of Access and Fairness under Option B+58021373
104104-2BilsborrowIndigenous Health in the Ecuadorian Amazon: A Multilevel and Longitudinal Analysis53241373
104104-3PatelWater and Sanitation Conditions and Its Negative Impact As Disease Prevalence in India: A State Level Analysis56881373
104104-4OliveraInequality in Old Age Cognitive Abilities Across the World74741373
105105-1MillerThe Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects of China's Rural Health Insurance and Pension Reforms54841362
105105-2AndradeThe Evaluation of the LAB of Chronic Conditions Care (LIACC) in the Municipality of Santo Antônio Do Monte, Brazil74351362
105105-3MuhidinUniversal Health Coverage and Health Facility Delivery in Indonesia: Case Study of Revolusi Kia Program54751362
105105-4GuptaGrowing Older Population in India: Its Implications on Health and Social Sector37181362
106106-1WiddowsonTogether Despite the Odds: Relationship Resilience Following Incarceration in the United States21721038
106106-2ChungThose Left behind: Consequences of Death and Incarceration for Black and White Families52461038
106106-3GrigoryevaAdult Child Imprisonment and Parent's Well-Being78131038
106106-4FongRisk in Relationships: Social Consequences of the Child Welfare System for Poor Urban Mothers21291038
107107-2PhaderaInternational Migration and Its Effect on Labor Supply of the Left-behind Household Members: Evidence from Nepal 45321392
107107-3QuiñonesMigration and Labor Outcomes in Southern Mexico65601392
107107-4AguilaSocial Security Contributions and Return Migration Among Older Male Mexican Immigrants39121392
107P5-43ThorntonInfluences of Material and Amenity Values and Aspirations on Migration61261392
108108-1SennottPopulation Estimates of Unintended Pregnancy: Comparing Prenatal Versus Postnatal Reports in Africa37411277
108108-2Cruz CastanheiraIt Is Lower Than You Think It Is: Recent Total Fertility Rates in Brazil and Possibly Other Latin American Countries49781277
108108-3Diamond-SmithThe Impact of Son Preference on Fertility Changes in Parity Progression Ratios: Evidence from India77091277
108108-4SmithAccounting for the Mismatch Between Predicted and Observed Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa68391277
109109-1KutzbachChildhood Housing and Adult Earnings: A Between-Siblings Analysis of Housing Vouchers and Public Housing25991109
109109-2LeiThe Effect of Neighborhoods on Children’s Educational Achievement in China: Exploring Mediating Mechanisms56091109
109109-3BrandénResidential Segregation and Intergenerational Social Mobility -Evidence from Sweden59911109
109109-4DonnellyPlace-Based Economic Mobility and Childhood Development75561109
110110-1WaltonMultiethnic Neighborhoods on the Ground: Resources, Constraints, and Sense of Community52521310
110110-2PedrozaDiversity and Segregation in the Heartland: Oklahoma Student Enrollment Trends By Race-Ethnicity54731310
110110-3BaderSegregation in Place: Aging, Age-Dependent Mobility, and Long-Term Racial Succession77071310
110110-4CesareExploring Relationship Dynamics Between Citizens and the Police Via Twitter54201310
112112-1OrreniusDo State Work Eligibility Laws Reduce Unauthorized Immigration?27131095
112112-2ZhaoDoes More Experience Promise Better Work ? a Study on Informal Floating Workers in Beijing39481095
112112-3AreethalaMigration of Muslims from Kerala to Gulf Countries, Evidenses for Forced Migration from the Villages of Malappuram in Kerala, India51891095
112112-4DonatoDifferent but the Same: How Legal Status Affects International Migration from Bangladesh81451095
113113-1JiangDemographic Determinants of Urban Growth in India, Mexico, and the US87021274
113113-2YadavDynamics of Urban and Slum Population Growth in India57321274
113113-3LIANGThe Effects of Passive Urbanization on Children’s Family Support for Rural Elders in China46311274
113113-4KubikWeather Risk, Internal Migration and Urbanization in Tanzania: The Choice of Migration Destination68441274
114114-1ChiuA Comparison of Educational Differences on Physical Health, Mortality and Healthy Life Expectancy in Japan and the United States41391125
114114-2PaynePhysical Health and Functional Limitations Among the Aging Population in Agincourt, South Africa52991125
114114-3FreedmanDisability and Subjective Wellbeing Among Older Adults: The Role of Psychological, Social, and Economic Resources and Activities62271125
114114-4Lopez-OrtegaEffects of a Non-Contributory Pension Program for Elderly Population on Frailty and Functional Disability: Evidence from an Experiment in Mexico74271125
115115-1SudharsananPoverty and Longevity: The Dynamics of Disability and Mortality in Indonesia85911126
115115-2QueirozThe Evolution of the Elderly Labor Force Participation and Retirement in Brazil: 1980-202532611126
115115-3DeGraffDynamics of Economic Well-Being and Safety Nets Among the Aging in Mexico44151126
115115-4BairoliyaThe Long-run Impact of Changing Fertility in China55191126
116116-1BrownA Comparison of Mortality Rates and Life Tables Estimated from Several Nationally Representative Surveys and Vital Statistics Data in the United States80331313
116116-2TaylorDisease Misreports Among Older Adults: Implications for Population Estimates and Disparities 51521313
116116-3SassonImputing Missing Information on Census-unlinked Vital Events70541313
116116-4Rivera DrewTrends in Injury and Projected Injury Incidence and Costs: Does Data Source Matter?69781313
117117-1YabikuMethods for Collecting, Measuring, and Modeling Activity Spaces81051067
117117-2York CornwellDisadvantage, Disorder, and Distress in Everyday Life: Results from a Smartphone-Based Pilot Study in New York City78661067
117117-3XuSpace Meets Social Context: Integrating Spatial and Social Effects on Child Sex Ratios in India75121067
117117-4MooneyCan We Increase Neighborhood Disorder Estimation Accuracy By Incorporating Spatially Located Covariates in Kriging Models?66971067
118118-1GuedesControllability or Heuristic Failure? Evidence Based on River Water Use and Risk Perception of Contamination in Brazil13071385
118118-2KimThe Impact of Hours Worked on Obesity: A Natural Experiment in Korea45641385
118118-3ButtenheimImproving Household Participation in a Vector Control Campaign: A Pragmatic Randomized Field Trial of Behavioral Economic Interventions83911385
118118-4DelavalladeBiometric Monitoring and Tuberculosis Control: Experimental Evidence from Northern Indian Slums79141385
119119-1FrechWomen’s Work Pathways Across the Life Course35971243
119119-2PepinGendered Sequences: Differences in Women’s and Men’s Activity Patterns Across the Day52111243
119119-3WeisshaarIntermittent Labor Force Participation: A Source of Bias?: An Experimental Approach73031243
119119-4DunatchikReducing Mommy Penalties with Daddy Quotas50181243
120120-1YangMarketization, Mass Media and Gender Ideology: China 1990-201032151090
120120-2KrauseIndividual Schooling and Women’s Community-Level Media Exposure: A Multilevel Analysis of Normative Influences Associated with Women’s Justification of Wife-Beating in Bangladesh36251090
120120-3EdmundsHeadline Violence and Silenced Pleasure: Contested Framings of Consensual Sex, Power and Rape in Delhi, India 2011-201439241090
120120-4Mmari"Yea, I've Grown; I Can't Go out Anymore': Perceived Risks for Girls and Boys Entering Adolescence52941090
121121-1HwangGentrification and Residential Mobility in Philadelphia38041093
121121-2BrummetThe Effect of Low-Income Housing on Neighborhood Mobility: Evidence from Linked Microdata64361093
121121-3GabrielNeighborhood Foreclosures and Residential Mobility79311093
121121-4HarveyForever Homes and No Go Neighborhoods: How Housing Search Perceptions and Preferences Maintain Residential Segregation in American Cities49591093
122122-1KhannaLarge-Scale Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from India52901110
122122-2BharatiIs 1+1 More Than 2? Joint Evaluation of Two Public Programs in Tanzania55001110
122122-3ZhaoTrade Liberalization and Child Labor in China61451110
122122-4BarhamThirty-Five Years Later: Effects of a Health and Family Planning Program on Labor Market Outcomes in Bangladesh62221110
123123-1GuillotRevisiting Life Expectancy Rankings in Countries That Have Experienced Fast Mortality Decline52981368
123123-2LuyThe Longitudinal Survival Method for the Estimation of Life Expectancy from Survey Data with Mortality Follow-up37261368
123123-3LimaMethods to Estimate Mortality Curves in Small Areas: An Application to Municipality Data in Brazil65321368
123123-4VermaA Ratio Method for Estimating Old Age Longevity Under Preston-Coale Generalized Population Model: A Methodological Investigation 82751368
124124-1HauerAdaptation Regimes to Sea Level Rise: The Case of Coastal Louisiana15201121
124124-2AbelWhen the Well Runs Dry, Where Do We Go Now? Exploring Internal Migration Due to Climate Stress in Asia and Central and South America47071121
124124-3Meijer-IronsThe Role of Proximate and Cumulative Subjective and Objective Environmental Measures in Migration Decisions in Rural Thailand64941121
124124-4PiyaMigration, Social Capital and the Environment in Bangladesh80881121
125125-1AndersenPaternity Leave and the Motherhood Penalty: New Causal Evidence20141254
125125-2LuWomen's Employment Trajectories in the First Year Following Birth: Patterns, Determinants, and Variations by Race/Ethnicity and Nativity79221254
125125-3FlorianAge and Racial/Ethnic Variations in Motherhood Effects on Women's Labor Force Participation and Cumulative Years of Work Experience81931254
125125-4AndersenThe Father’s Quota: An Earnings Equalizer?16971254
126126-1KohlerThe Demography of Cognitive Health Among Mature Adults in a Low-Income High HIV-Prevalence Context29111079
126126-2LeistIs Income Equality Also Better for Your Cognitive Health? a Multilevel Analysis on Trajectories of Cognitive Function at Older Ages33991079
126126-3HerdThe Early Life Origins of the Relationship Between Midlife Obesity and Cognitive Functioning in Later Life71641079
126126-4FishmanLifetime Risk of Dementia in the United States51561079
127127-1MadhavanMoving Beyond the Household: Innovations in Data Collection and Measurement on Kinship19801037
127127-2Gassman-PinesThe Effects of Local Economic Downturns on Attitudes Toward Shotgun Marriage: A Vignette Study19301037
127127-3BergstromWhat's behind the Age Gap Between Spouses? An Empirical Assessment of Women's and Men's Age Preferences Using Online Dating Data64111037
127127-4LeeUnbending Gender, Marital Breakdown: How Gendered-Role Expectations Break Down Marriages in Korea67971037
128128-1HuangNeighborhood Attainment over the Adult Life Course54121339
128128-2RobertoUnequal Segregation82221339
128128-4HallThe Spatial Dynamics of Racial Discrimination: Local Racial Contexts and Disparate Treatment in Finding Housing79001339
128P11-35PostonThe Residential Segregation of Same-Sex Households from Opposite-Sex Households in Metropolitan USA, Circa-201054171339
129129-1HsiehSexual Minority Health, Behavioral Risk Factors, and Access to Care: Intersection Effects of Gender, Race, and Sexual Identity26561030
129129-2SkopecHow Are LGB Adults Faring Under the Affordable Care Act? a Comparison of Results from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey and the National Health Interview Survey50321030
129129-3EnglandHas Sexual Experience with Same-Sex Partners Increased Across Cohorts?36871030
129129-4CruzNon-Sexual and Sexual Risk Behaviors and Health of Young Sexual Minorities in the Philippines: Findings from YAFS456191030
130130-2Gerstein PineauLegal Status and Immigration92191413
131131-1TruskinovskyThe Unintended Consequences of Informal Childcare Subsidies for Older Women's Retirement Security 60461363
131131-2StanforsCaregiving Time Costs and Trade-Offs with Paid Work and Leisure: Evidence from Sweden, the UK and Canada52071363
131131-3KalenkoskiCaring for an Elderly Spouse or Parent: Gender Differences in Caregiving Time and Wellbeing17591363
131131-4ZulkarnainJoint Retirement: Evidence from the Dutch Doorwerkbonus38311363
132132-1SpeizerExamination of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Transitions in Nigeria and Kenya52001055
132132-2BongaartsTrends in the Transition to Adulthood: The Role of Education61561055
132132-3KoskiTwenty-Five Year Trends in the Prevalence of Early Marriage Among Women in 35 Sub-Saharan African Countries62321055
132132-4Smith-GreenawayCondemned or Condoned? Non-Marital Childbearing in Sub-Saharan Africa73411055
133133-1SchoeleyThe Human Mortality Explorer - an Interactive Online Visualization of the Human Mortality Database.63831136
133133-2RiffeA Unified Framework of Demographic Time41511136
133133-3KasparPossibilities of Study of the Mortality Convergence and Divergence: Case-Study of the Post-Communist Countries’ Approach to the Rest of the Developed World32401136
133133-4DasUse of Data Visualization Tool, Rmnch+a Dashboards, for Strengthening Review and Planning Mechanism of State and District Level Public Health Administration, Evidence from 25 High Priority Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India 57501136
134134-1DasAmbivalent Dyads: A National Profile of Older U.S. Couples. 17521124
134134-2JacksonHis Way, Her Way: Retirement Timing Among Dual-Earner Couples16981124
134134-3WongDisability and Social Relationships Among Older Adults in Dyadic Perspective39381124
134134-4HsiehLoneliness and Well-Being in Older Adult Marriages: The Dyadic Influences of Marital Quality39781124
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199P7-15ShandraCare Takers and Care Givers? Disability and Care to Others in the United States62881265
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